Northern Exposures

by WLyon
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Northern Exposures

Northern Exposures:Back for another

"Ding!!!Dong!!! Uhhmm... Owww!! who is it?" Kevin sleepily answers to the ring at the door, but who could be at his apartment at 6:00 am? "Bash, bash, BASH!! Okay, okay i'm coming!" Kevin stompes to the door, turning the nob as a smiling face is looking at him. "Ahhhh! Loretta?!?!" shouts Kevin. "HA!HA! You were scared of me?! HA!" Loretta was killing herself laughing so much, and she changed well, Duh!! She's 19 now, man a lot of years passed by. "Alright laugh as much as you want, but what are you doing here???" Loretta shruged. "Just came to visit you. Oh?" I said back, but why would she visit me?! But I invited her to my apartment anyways. "How do you know where I live?" asked Kevin. "You told me 2 years ago. And you remembered!!" Kevin said in shock. "I wrought it on a piece of paper." she said slowing down the words like she was talking to a dumby. "So are you going back to Churchill for some more pictures? I don't know, I don't think I have enough money for a ticket, so.... don't worry!!" Loretta interupted me shouting. "Iv'e got 2 tickets, one for me and one for someone else, you could have it!!" Loretta said eagerly. "Okkaayyyy?" I spoke casiosly.


"Then come'on!" Loretta grabede my hand and pulled me out to my closet. "Here put this on." she slipped one of my fur coats on me. "Why are we in such a hurry!" I shouted while she was still draging me to the airport (it wasn't far away so I had no chance of running away) "Uhhh, the plane is going to leave soon, YA!!" she shouted back."But can't we atleast stop for a minute or, a second?" I asked hopefully. "NO!!!" she raged and speeded up. Loretta dragged me (as usualy) into the airport. "Aha!! Theres our flight!!" she raced to the terminal. "Loretta, WAIT!" she stopped and looked at me. "What? The plane to Churchill only leaves in half an hour?" I almost shouted. "Oh, oops, ahaaha, uhmm, well we can get on it anyways, wright?!" she started draging me again except she was heading to the wrong terminal! "Uhhh Loretta, Lorettttaaaa, Loretta that's the wrong terminal don't open the....."I stoped in my tracks while the sound of Loretta's scream was fainting when a CLANG echoed in my ears. "Loretta are you okay?" I asked peaking down the terminal carefull not to make the same mistake. "Am I okay!?!?" she shrieked. "Your asking me if I'm okay?! Alright, let me just figure this out, I just fell 2 and a half meters from where your standing, and your asking me if I'm okay!? Uhhmmm, okay, I guess your not okay, soooo, uhmmm..... GET ME OUT!!!!!" she screamed at me. "Oh yeah, get you out that's a good idea, so, uhmm, here hold on to me...." Loretta grasped my hand. "Loretta wait I don't have anything to hold onaaaaahhhhhhhh!! Not again!!!


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