Northen American coral snakes

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Northen American coral snakes

Fake coral mimicking real speacie is scarlet snake, or Cemophora coccinea

Eastern coral snake moving

western coralsnake

Northern AmericanCoral Snake

eastrern coral snake eating rat sanke

One of the coral snakes's natural prey

Interestings FactsThere are two speacies of northen coral snakes they are the western and eastern coral snake. Another fact is that coral snakes baby are higly venoumouns when they hatch from their eggs.

FeaturesCoral snakes are the most venomous snake in north america.

What do coral snakes eat.Coral Snakeseat lizards, frogs and other snakes including other coral snakes

western coral snake

western coral snake eating

One of the coral snakes's natural prey

One of the coral snakes's natural prey


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