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"Must See" placesNiagara FallsStatue of LibertyLiberty BellWashinton D.CHershy Factory

Fast Facts ~In North America, the Appalachian Mountains are the oldest chain of mountains.~In 1861, the first pretzel backery in the U.S was built in Pennsylvania.~The Declaration of Independence was sighned in Pennsylvania in 1776.~Only men could fight in the Revoution war. But one woman was disguised as a man and fought.

TRAVEL GUIDE-Northeast!-

This is the Revolution war. Only men were aloud to fight but one woman, disguised herself as a man and fought.

Lots of Seafoodare here in the Northeast, especially crabs!

This is the Liberty Bell. This bell stands for Liberty.

The great land of New York!

The one and only, Brodway!

More then 1,000 people live in New York City. But every morning, more then 5,000 people are in New york because of their work and jobs.

The Northeast is flat but also has a chain of Moutains into it.

Do you like Hershy kisses?Well this place is where they are made!

People seeking for better lives came to New York a long time ago.


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