North West Mounted Police

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North West Mounted Police

This is a picture of the symbol of the North West Mounted Police

North WestMounted Police

What role did the North West Mounted Police play in Canada's expansion WestThe Canadian government founded the North West Mounted Police in 1873, following a massacre of thirty-six Nakoda people at Cypress Hills Which today is Southern Alberta. The massacre was due to an argument about some horses. For years, traders from the United States had been moving to land in Canada. They had made headquarters near what today is Lethbridge, called Fort Whoop-up, where they offered reapeating rifles and alcohol in exchange for buffalo robes and furs. In 1873 Canada's government sent Lieutenant Colonel Robertson-Ross to investigate the situation in the west.The North West Mounted Police established its first headquarters at Fort Macleod, inwhat is today southern Alberta. By the end of 1874, it hadestablished six forts in the west. Issapoomahksika or Crowfoot of the BlackfootConfederacy spoke to Colonel Macleod about the situation.

Here is a photo of the North West Mounted police standing with their guns.

Here is a photo of the North West Mounted police getting ready to expand to western Canada.

Who Were The North West Mounted PoliceThe North West Mounted Police was established in 1873 to bring Canadian authority to the North West Territories (present-day Alberta and Saskatchewan). Its territory grew to include the Yukon in 1895, the Arctic Coast in 1903 and northern Manitoba in 1912. After the Dominion Canada bought the Hudson Bay company's land, there duty was to make sure no trouble would happen in the NorthWest. In 1904 the NWMP changed to Royal North West Mounted Police and in 1920 the name changed to Royal Candian Mounted Police.

Duties of the North West Mounted Police-establish law and order-collect customs dues-enforce prohibition-supervise the treaties between First Nations and the federal government-assist in the settlement processensure the welfare of immigrants-fight prairie fires and disease.

Here is a NWMP officer on First Nation land at a First Nation home.

Relations with the First Nations people.The North West Mounted Police's early activities included containing the whisky trade and enforcing agreements with the First Nations peoples. Saskatchewan and James Morrow Walsh of the North West Mounted Police was charged with maintaining control in the large Sioux settlement at Wood Mountain. Walsh and Sitting Bull became good friends, and the peace at Wood Mountain was maintained. This made a strong bond between the First Nations and the NWMP. In the earlier years, the force's dedication to enforcing the law on behalf of the First Nations peoples impressed the latter enough to encourage good relations between them and the Crown.

This is a short video explaining who they were ect. if you do not like to read


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