North West Mounted Police

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North West Mounted Police

If you are skilled definitly join since the more skilled you are the more pay you receive.

Join us now!

They were a police force that patroled the northwest.

NWMP got payed well.

North West Mounted Police

Defend the law

You don't have to just patrol. If you are a skilled blacksmith, tailor, carpenter or any other skilled labourer join the North West Mounted Police!

Established in May of 1873

The NWMP was formed because the northwest needed a police force. They were also formed because at the time there was illegal whisky trading from US.

The main things they had to do were make law and order, collect peoples rights, enforce law, supervise treaties between First Nations and federal government, help settlement, make sure immigrants get welfare , and finally fight prarie fires, diseases, and extreme poverty.

In 1904 the North West Mounted Police changed to Royal North West Mounted Police (RNWMP).Then again in 1920 they combined with the Dominion Police now making it the current Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP).

You get Medical care incase you get injured. Also you get leave incase you are sick or there is a holiday and much more.

Regular chances to earn extra pay!

By: Eric


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