North vs South

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Social Studies
American History

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North vs South



Northern Meal PlanBreakfast:Bacon, Eggs, peaches, Toast with ButterDinnerBeans, Corn, Ham, Potatoes, BerriesSupperCold Chicken, Potato Salad, Watermelon

Southern Meal PlanBreakfast:Toast with Honey, Fresh Berries, Coffee, TeaDinnerSun Dried Meat, Bread with Molasses, Coffee, Tea, Oranges

Life After the War260,000 casualties meant great loss.Rebuilding took a long time.Farmers had to work without slaves. If they wanted help, they had to pay for it which was very expensive.There was little money and few belongings left.Most ex-slaves were uneducated and had little money so life was very hard. Public places were still separated by the color of skin. Many people came from the North to teach the freed slaves or to punish the South. The South was treated like a hated enemy.

Life After the War360,000 casualties meant great loss.More factories meant more jobs, and these were given to the men who had returned from war, which meant many women left their jobs.New inventions made work easier (grain mowers, sewing machines).Low-paid workers could strike again (it was unpatriotic to strike during the war).Many freed slaves moved to the North and only found low paying jobs.President Lincoln wanted to make the States whole again, but he was assassinated before his wish could come true. The new president, Andrew Johnson never succeeded in bringing the states back together.Northern States gain a lot of power, but it cost a lot of lives.



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