North of Nowhere

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North of Nowhere

Author: Liz Kessler

Title: North of Nowhere

SettingsThere was multiple settings, but one main one. In the beginning it started in Mia's house. Then, They had to go to Porhaven where her grandmother lives. Porthaven was a long way from Mia's house. Porthaven was the main setting in this book. After awhile in the book Mia visits a island called Luffsands to save some new freinds. Those where the settings in this book.

CharactersThere is many characters in this book, but there is one main character named Mia. Her real name is Amelia. Amelia is very adventurous and also likes to get in people's business. There's also the mom of Mia who went to Porthaven with Mia. There is the grandpa who vanished but turned out to be Peter. Sal is one of Mia's friend later in the book, when they were looking for Peter. Who could forget Gran who also turned out to be Dee, who was the one Mia wrote in her diary. Gran played a median role in this book. Those are the most important characters in North of Nowhere.

Main Conflect


What you think about the Book?

The main problem in my book is when Mia's grandfather vanished.When Mia’s grandfather vanishes without explanation from the seaside town of Porthaven, Mia and her mom rush to Gran's place to comfort her. While Mia was missing her Grandad, she was unhappy at spending her spring break in a place with neither Internet nor friends. Mia accidently stumbles across a boat and finds a diary onboard and realized this person is exactly like her. She starts writing in it, and thought she might have a potential friend. During that Mia meets a new friend Peter while he was on vacation.Mia’s other new friend Dee never came to hang-out with Mia. So Peter attempts to go to Luffsands, the island where Dee lives, to bring her to the mainland. But, Peter goes missing as the boat and its odd compass travel back and forth between a terrible storm that sends people 50 years in the past.

The solution was Mia’s grandpa came back. When Mia’s grampa came back he said his hello’s and looked at Peters family. He thought the father looked very familiar. Grandad then said, “ Dad, it’s me. Peter.”. The dad didn’t believe it. Then he explained how the storm took him back in time. Mia realized if this is true Sal and her are kind of like sisters. They started to believe it. All of them decided to take a ride around the shore while they talked it all through. Everyone was pretty excited about this information. That was the solution for the main problem.

North Of Nowhere was a ok book in my opinion. One reason I chose this book to read was because it was made by one of my favorite authors. This book had a great problem and a weird solution, but I wish I could understand the solution better. At the beginning a gave a lot of information on the main character, which helped me to think how she would handle a situation. Once I reached the middle of the book I felt like it was just starting to explain the problem. But, at the end it was confusing, because it felt like the author was trying to rush to the solution. North Of Nowhere was a great fiction book, but I don't know if I would recommend it to someone.

By. Bailey Chase

Author Liz Kessler


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