North Korea

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North Korea


"There are high levels of theft, unemployment, violence, bribery, corruption and oppression."

North Korea is one of the most corrupt countries in the world, especially through the financial aspect. North Korea is an exremely poor country and most of its citizens lives in extreme poverty. Recently (since 2010), the United Nations has made appeals to donate 10 million dollars to North Korea to help solve the issues of poverty within the country. However, a study was made as to where current aid funds are going to. It was found that none of it was helping the people of North Korea - it was all going to the country’s coffers, or rather, Kim Jong-Il’s personal bank account. When this was proven, nearly all support to the country was cut (including support for food, infrastructure, electricity, clean water and denuclearization), and the country is now struggling to provide decent living conditions for it's citizens.

Stolen Aid Money

North Korea

Consequences of Corruption

"The North Korean Leadership has created this 'living hell'."


In the 1950s, North Korea built a dream city, visible from South Korea, to draw them to the country. Later investigation found that the city was abandoned.

Propaganda Corruption


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