North Korea: The Hidden State

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North Korea: The Hidden State

Above: A North Korean child eats food off the muddy ground. The Human Rights watch estmates 40 percent of kids in North Korea are chronically malnourished.

"When I saw China, I realized that dogs are treated better in the outside world than Humans in North Korea."-Anonymous Defector

North Korean people can and should break the law of their country if it means a better life for themselves. These people are not allowed a chance to make their lives better and have been denied their basic human rights.

North Korea is a small country, about the size of pennsylvania.But inside this small state, 24 milliion people live under the metal grip of the Kim Dynasty. Since the 1950's the Kims have ruled North Korea ruthlessly and have stripped North Koreans of all their freedoms, including speech, press, and even the ability to move inside your own country.

North Korea: The Hidden State

"I considered executions a break from the hard work and labor and looked forward to them"-Defector Shin Dong-Hyuk, prisoner of camp 14.

Kim Jong Un, known in North Korea as the Dear Leader

My Topic is Quest Worthy becuase in order to understand the horrible realities that are happening insude if North Korea, we need to learn about what is really happening inside, and try our best to understand what people have to go through inside of North Korea.

List of basic freedoms restricted in North Korea :-Freedom to Vote-Freedom of Opinion-Freedom of Thought-Freedom to Travel-Freedom to Buy your own Food-Family Pictures-Free Time-Freedom to Choose your job-Hair Cuts-Freedom to Leave-Freedom to Have a Trial-Freedom to be Yourself

Essential Question:Determine if North Korean citizens have a moral right to break their country's law in order to create a better lives for themselves.

Above: A Satellite Image of a North Korean Prison Camp. It is estimated that up to 200,000 people are imprisoned in camps throughout that country.

A Traffic lady in Dontown Pyongyang, the Capital

The North Korean Government effectively brainwashes its people into hating the outside world and worshipping the Kim family as Gods.


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