North Dakota

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North Dakota

Some of the products are, wheat,sheep,cattle,hogs, and eegs.

A famous place in North Dakota is the Dakota Zoo.It is a famous place because it is the home of over 150 reptiles, birds, and mammals.In my opinion,The North Dakota Zoo will be an awesome time to look at the animals together with your family.

North DakotaBy:Alina Hasan

The capital of this tremendous state is Bismark.Bismark is located on the east bank of the Missouri river in the south central part of the state. Bismark consists of large important buildings and a lot of manufacturing goods.Some products are, machinery,processed food, and steel products.

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Interesting Facts! Also, the North Dakota longest has many river in wonderful North cities. The Dakotabggest city is theis Fargo. Missouri River.

North Dakota's statehood was on Novmber 2nd 1889 as the 39th state!

John Bernard Flannagan was an abstract sculptor.He was born in Fargo North Dakota, and studied painting at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. He later moved to New York State where he began to work with stones he found in the fields. He is best known for his small, primitive-style of animals, fish, and birds.Today the Smithsonian Institution and other major American museums display the scupltor's work. Sadly, John Bernard Flannagan died on January 6, 1942.

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