North Carolina's Shrinking Coast

by melanie1167103
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Environmental Studies

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North Carolina's Shrinking Coast

What methods (if any) of available technology should we use for beach restoration? Who should pay for this? Explain your reasoning.

Do you think people should be living on the Outer Banks or the NC Coast? Why or why not?

What are some of the causes and effects of the shrinking coast?

Why is the North Carolina Coast shrinking?

North Carolina's Shrinking Coastline

To date some of the most sucessful methods of beach restoration are sea walls, jetties, and dredging. Any of these methods or a combination of them would be a well suited temporary solution to coastal erosion. In my opinion, the funding should come from a mix of local, federal, and state sources. This is due to the fact that all of these groups have equal need, responsibility, and possesion of the land.

Coastal erosion can be influenced by many factors. Some of these factors include ocean currents, storms, shoreline composition, deposition of sediments, and varience in sea levels. Coastal erosion can have many effects on coastlines, such as decreased property value, loss of animal habitats, property damage or loss, decrease in tourism, and unintentional pollution (from pollutents in sand around buildings that is eroded).

It is not necessarily dangerous to live on the coast, however it is not the best idea. Beach erosion is unpredictable, and can lead to dangers such as flooding, property damage, and property loss. If you do decide to live near the coast, however, be sure to choose a location far enough away from the shorline to provide a "buffer zone" between your property and the ocean.

North Carolina's beloved coast is a victim of a natural process called coastal erosion. Beaches are always shifting, building, and eroding away. North Carolina's coast is simply following normal trends in nature.


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