North Carolina

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North Carolina

The triangular triangular trade consisted of the Americas, Europe, Arica, and the West Indies, they were all connected in a way. The port cities were Boston, Philidelphia and etc. New England gave rum and traded for enslaved Africans. The West Indies recieved flour, fish, lumber, and manufactured goods from the merchants.


In North America you would find many materialistic thing because in the mid-1700s , the people used whales for things such as: perfumes, candles, women's corset and etc. Females don't really no the fact that, the source of their wondrous scented perfume came from whales. Well, going to North America can provide you with information that you never knew before so why not go and see yourself?


During the 1700s, the people decided that they should just create their own industries. One of the industries was the Iron industries. The iron industries allowed them make weapons, which was useful because there were many wars fought and without the weapons there probably wouldn't be a winner. There were also industries such as: gounding grain into flour, distilling rum, and brewing alcholic beverages.


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