North Atlantic Right Whale

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North Atlantic Right Whale

Interesting Facts:

The whales are going toward extinction for a number of reasons. Its very name comes from early whalers who believed they were the "right" whales to hunt. Now a days, they are threatened by entanglement in nets, ship collisions, climate change, seperation from their calving areas, etc.

Interesting Facts:

North Atlantic Right Whale

Interesting Facts:

Their long arching mouth begins above their eyes, and since they are baleen whales, it eats plankton.

These whales can usually be around 45-55 feet long, and can weigh up to 70 tons.

Interesting Facts:

The North Atlantic Whale is easy to identify, because of the unique white calluses that contrast against its grey body.

Why are they endangered?

To feed themselves, they swim through schools of the plankton with their mouth open, and their head just barely above the water.

Why should we care?2 examples that benefit Ecology and the Economy as said by

2."Whale watching tourism is a lucrative business and while it's hard to put a value on a species, or on marine biodiversity, it has been estimated that it could generate 413 million US dollars in marine tourism annually."

1. "They have an important role to play in nutrient cycling. Their poo, for example, makes organic carbon more accessible to smaller organisms. Even a dead whale carcass is important in carbon cycling, particularly the export of carbon to the deep sea."


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