North and South Before Civil War

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North and South Before Civil War

How did factories make producing goods more efficent?Factories made production cheaper and faster.

North and South Before the Civil WarEmma Scott Social Studies PD 7February 2015

Why are steamboats, trains, and canals important to transportation?They provided cheaper and faster ways to ship goods and people.

Why was the telegraph important to communication?The telegraph made communication faster.

What were the conditions in factories?There was no circulating air, and they were very dirty.

Why did children work in factories?They were too poor to go to school, so they got to work in the factories instead!

Why was there little industry in the South?The South would rather spend all their money on slaves.



What was the main goal of plantation owners? The main goal was to earn profit.

What kind of railroads were in the South?The railroads were short, local and didn't connect all parts of the region.

What kind of work did slaves do?They cooked, cleaned, picked cotton, and served meals.

How did the cotton gin revolutionize the South? It dramatically increased the amount of produced cotton.



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