North American River Otter

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North American River Otter

Behavior and Communication North American River Otters communicate and behave in their own unique way. River Otters live in a fresh water source. Rivers and lakes are two examples of where they live. They will travel in groups as large as 20 otters. That makes sense because they are always together. The otters often sleep holding hands. They do that so they don’t drift down the stream. They produce sounds like screams, chuckles, squeals, etc. They also communicate to each other vocally. That is how North American River Otters behave and communicate.

Otter Physical Description The North American River Otter has a very unique physical appearance. The otter is long, slender, and sleek. Their bodies are like this so they can glide through the water easily. All four feet are webbed. Their feet are webbed so they can swim faster. These river otters have a long tail for balance. River otters have short but powerful legs. They need powerful legs to swim faster, run faster on land, to run away from predators, and to catch prey. The North American River Otters need all of these things to survive.

This is a North American River Otter on a log next to a body of water.

Geographic Range/ Habitat Otters throughout most ofNorthern America and Canadaseldom leave the water. Their habitat is rocky, sandy, wet, and grassy. They live in a temperate climate. They undergo seasonal movements but no major migrations. They live in muddy areas allowing them to slide across the ground. The otters don't migrate much or come out of the water.

Diet/Predation The North American River Otter is a carnivore. It eats fish, frogs, water birds, crabs, insects, snails, snakes, and rodents. It is hunted sometimes by Bobcats. Below is a food web of the North American River Otter. The arrow points at who is receiving energy.

North American River Otter

This map shows the otters of the world and were they live.

Food web of the North American River Otter.

Conservation/Fun facts North American River Otters are a threatened species. They are hunted for their fur/ skin. They have been reintroduced in colonies where they were extirpated- or destroyed. North American River Otters eat almost anything small such as rodents and small fish. They are hunted by birds of prey. Those are some "Fun Facts" of the North American River Otter



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