North American Mammals

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North American Mammals

North American Mammals

The Red Wolf was declared extict in 1980 after the last know red wolf was taken captive.

The Red Wolf were nearly wiped out because farmers shoting them,human growth,and clearing forests.There are know less then 200 red wolves.They have set red wolves free.Red Wolves are in endangered.

The Cougar or also known as a Mountain lion.It can not roar it it ony purrs.Cougars can kill prey 7 times there size.

There are only 30 to 50 cougras left in florida.

The cougar is in endangered because deforestation and human population.

Ocelots are similar to jaguars except there samller.

Ocelots prefere to live in highly dense places.

The main threat to ocelots is deforestation.Ocelots are now legally protected.They where in endangered.

The pygmy rabbit is endangered in the columbian basins.

The Pygmy rabbit is the smellest rabbit in the world.

The cause to the endangered pygmy rabbit is habitat lost, agriculture,dieses.

Only one species of pygmy rabbit existed today.

By: Roy Valentin


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