North American Boreal Forest

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North American Boreal Forest

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Boreal Forest Location


Taiga: North American Boreal Forest

The Boreal Forest has many different climate changes throughout the season. The temperature can go from 20 degrees Celsius during the summer to -20 during the winter, this means all species have to be generalists and adapt to these climate changes in order to survive. Some of these adaptations include: -Birds are forced to migrate to the south for warmer weather in order to survive-Humans are forced to use their furnaces to heat their homes, creating more pollution -Mammals grow thick fur coats during the winter to survive the cold weather (These animals include the sable, lynx and marten) -Many animals found here have larger mass then other animals in order to conserve heat better-Many animals prepare for hibernation by eating as much as they can during warmer months, building up fat reserves then using this while they hibernate during the coldest months-Animals must be able to eat a wide variety of food. This is important because in the winter months and animals usual diet may be harder to find

Animal Adaptations

Energy Transfers/Human Technologies

Food Chain

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Climate Change




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