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North America

In this video it shows diffrent pictures of Gypsy Moths.

Fast Facts - Male moths are brown and fly in zigzag patterns.- Female moths are white or cream colored and do not fly at all. They lay there eggs in masses, usually branches and tree trunks.

North America

Male and female Gypsy Moth!

Gypsy Moth Eggs!

Gypsy moths predators, White footed mice.

Certain Chemicals are used to reduce the population of Gypsy Moths such as, Btk, Dimillin, and Mimic. These chemicals are used in diffrent ways to help reduce the population of Gypsy Moths.

North America!

Where The Gypsy Moths Moved Through.

The Gypsy Moth was first discored in Pennsylvania, during the 30's and 40's they spread to Pike, Lackawanna, Wayne, Monroe, and Carbon countries. Pennsylvania countries were infested and the Gypsy Moths now moved on to Minnesota. The populations kept increasing till finally the Gypsy Moths reached North America

By gorging themselves into leaves, Gypsy Moths weaken, and can kill more than 300 diffrent species of trees. Gypsy Moths have destroyed more then 75 million acres in the United States thats why Gypsy Moths are more or a problem today then before in history.

Gypsy moths feed on a wide variety of leaves from diffrent trees.

Gypsy Moths spread from one place to another because the female Gypsy Moth lay there eggs on things such as bags of mulch, car tires, tree trunks, leaves and more. When the objects such as bags of mulch or cars leave somewhere or get sold the eggs go with them. Therefore, when the eggs hatch they end up where ever that car or bag or mulch went. Thats how the Gypsy Moths spread from one place to another.


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