North America Road Trip

by bcscience
Last updated 3 years ago

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North America Road Trip

My scientist is Leslie benzies, the reason I choose him is because he designed my 2nt favorite game,grand theft auto 5 . Leslie was born on the 17th of January in 1971, he was born in Aberdeen Scotland, shorty after his family moved to Elgin when he was young his dad got a “dragon 32” computer, he was then self taught to program. Leslie’s professional job as a programmer started at (DMA) or rockstar north. He and his team made the Nintendo 64 platform game “”space station Silicon Valley”, after the release of the game 1998 he started to work on the game grand theft auto 3. In 2005 him and Sam houser (the president of rockstar) got a “bafta” award. He took a leave from rockstar and sewed them for 150 million unpaid royalties. In 2017 he made 5 new companies that make game consoles and mobile apps, in 2018 the court dismissed some of the the stuff, but rockstar still had to pay some royalties.


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