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Blason de Normandie

Le Plage de Normandie

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La Invasion deNormandie

La Normandie

Geography- Nomandy is located the north west of France, one of the major french rivers the Seine flows threw Normandy. It's three largest Le Harve, Caen, Rouen.Economy- Normandies most noteble facts about Normandy are it exports the most petroleum and agricultual product of all the french regions, exporting also makes up 38% of the regional GDP.History- The most historicly significant event to occur in Normandy is thought to be the D-Day invasion.Culture- Because Normandy has been invaded by the Romans, Vikings and was claimed by French and English kings it has become a melting pot of culture.Activities- Some of the activities in Normandy for tourist are visting Roeun Honfleur, the Omaha Beach, Saint Malo, Castles of Langeais, ' the Villandry Castles Gardens.

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The Geography, Economy, History, Culture, Celebrities, and Activities to Experience in Normandy


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