Normandy Farms/ANA

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Normandy Farms/ANA

Normandy Farms

Normandy Farms - ThenThe farm was purchased in 1730 by Jacob Levering.The farm was 1500 acres- the largest in the area.1n 1834, the Franklin House Tavern was built to serve food to travelers on the road from Norristown to Doylestown,

NORMANDY FARMS -THEN Ralph Strassburger bought the farm in 1911 and named it Normandy after the place where he went on his honeymoon. He breed thoroughbred horses and cattle. He also built the 3 silos.

NORMANDY FARMS- THENIt was known as the Record Farm. It was named after the The Philadelphia Record Newspaper. The Newspaper was owned by William Singerly.

THE NORMANDY FARMS NOWNormady Farms is now owned by Hansen Properties. It is a hotel and restaurant. Lots of people visit Normandy Farms for partIes and celebrations. It is a historic property that has changed with the times.

NORMANDY FARMS -THENIn 1875 William Singerly builtthe gigantic barn. It was the largest barn in the country and still stands there today. It is the most recognizable place in the area. The white stucco wall that surrounds the farm was built to look like buildings in Normandy France.

202 & Morris Road

Blue Bell, PA



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