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Norman Bridwell

There are more than 150 Clifford titles.129 million copies are in print.Many of his stories are translated into 13 languages.

The Clifford Series.The Witch Series.A Tiny FamilyNo Dogs AllowedThe Cat and the Bird in the Hat.


Norman Bridwell

Clifford got his iconic red color when Norman Bridwell was drawing him for the first time he had a bottle of bright red paint on his desk and decided it would make Clifford more fun for kids.

Norman Bridwell named the main charachter after his daughter, Emily Elizabeth.

Norman Bridwell's idea for Clifford stemed from his childhood disire to have a dog as big as a pony.

Norman Bridwell orginally wanted to name Clifford, Tiny. After the disaproval of his wife, he allowed her to name the dog after her imaginary childhood friend.


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