Nonverbal communication project

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Nonverbal communication project


Nonverbal CommunicationProject

With one hand resting inadvertently supporting her head, this woman seems to be bored and daydreaming of other things instead of focusing on a specific task.




In this picture, the boy at the front of the class seems to be significantly afraid of performing his presentation because of his classmated unwavering attention. The class may or may not understand why the boy is scared unless they put themselves in his perspective.

These two women are obviously in a heated argument. Because of the expression of their faces and the invasion of personal space, one can infer that they are angry at one another over something.



The man in this picture is visibly frustrated. His facial expression and his hands pulling at his hair is confirmation of that.

In this photo, a business man shows dominance by outstretching his hands as if saying, "Mine." His posture is casual and unwavering.

Here is a great video on the basics of nonverbal communication.

Keyvona Moultrie

This man has a hand outstretched as if he may be greeting someone. He has a pleasant smile on his face which indicates his sincerity and openess.


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