[2015] Morgan Stephenson: Nonie´s Meatloaf

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[2015] Morgan Stephenson: Nonie´s Meatloaf

I chose this family recipe because it has been a favorite dish of my family's over the past several generations. It is a recipe of my great-grandmother, Nora. When my mom and aunt were little, they called my great-grandmother Nonie, instead of call her Grandma Nora. They continued to call her this, even in their grown years. The name stuck and my sister, cousine and I also continued to call her Nonie. The name of this family recipe is Nonie's Meatloaf.

INGREDIENTS2 pounds of hamburger1 small onion30 crackers3 eggs1 cup of Ketchup2-3 slices of bacon

ChemistryWhen cooking, the shrinkage in the meat and onions will be due to dehydration which absorbs the water. This will force the protein to break up and contract. It will also reduce the weight. The grease will be from the fat breaking down from the meat into liquid form.In addition to shrinking, the onion's molecular structure made of polysaccharides, will be broken down which promotes denaturation of the proteins in the onion and also contribute towards a change in the taste of the meat. The change in flavor will also be enhanced by Ketchup, which serves as an acidic element in assisting with the breaking down of the protein structure of the meat.The cracker crumbs will further breakdown and disintegrate because they will come into contact with moisture from other ingredients.

Biological MacroMoleculesBacon-protein,lipids,carbohydratesOnions-protein,lipids,carbohydratesGround Beef-protein,lipidsCrackers-protein,lipids,carbohydratesKetchup-protein,lipids,carbohydratesEggs-protein,lipids, carbohydrates

PhotosynthesisThe following ingredients use C3 photosynthesis: onions, tomatoes (ketchup),crackers (wheat)

Biological DiversityKingdom PlantaeOnionOrder-AparagalesFamily-AmaryllidaceaeGenus-AlliumSpecies-A CepaTomatoes (Ketchup)Order-SolanalesFamily-SolanaceaeGenus-Solanum L.Species-Solanum lycopersicum LWheatOrder-PoalesFamily-PoaceaeGenus-TriticumSpecies-Aestivum,Araraticum,Ispahanium,Urartu

Biological DiversityKingdom AnimaliaPhylum-ChordataGround BeefClass-MammaliaOrder-ArtiodactylaFamily-BovidaeGenus-BosSpecies-B. taurusBaconClass- MammaliaOrder- Artiodactyla Family- SuidaeGenus- SusSpecies- S. scrofa domesticusEggs (Chicken)Class-AvesOrder-GalliformesFamily-PhasianidaeGenus-GallusSpecies-G. gallus

MeasurementIn Nonie's Meatloaf, all ingredients are measured in US measurements.Mass- Hamburger (lbs)Volume-Ketchup (cups)Number-Crackers,onion,eggs and bacon slicesTemperature-Oven,at 350 degrees (Fahrenheit)

Cellular RespirationIngredients that use cellular respiration in their process: Hamburger (endotherm), bacon (endotherm), eggs (endotherm-bird),onions, tomatoes (in Ketchup).In addition, the ketchup used in the recipe has be produced through fermentation, as vinegar is its second ingredient.

The CellHambuger,bacon and eggs- eurokyte animal cellsOnion,tomato,wheat-eurokyte plant cells

GeneticsGenes are found in the following ingredients:hamburger (beef),bacon (pork),onions,ketchup(tomatoes),eggs(poultry),crackers(wheat)

Nonie's MeatloafMorgan Stephenson Bio I0I

The Ecology of Nonie's MeatloafThe ingredients in Nonie's meatloaf come from sources that are nurtured by humans in MDCs and given the necessary resources of light, water, space to grow, mates to reproduce (if necessary) and food. The beef comes from cows which is considered Type 1 on the Survivorship Curve with low biotic potential. The pigs(bacon) and chickens (eggs) which are also Type 1 on the Surviorship Curve are high biotic as they are able to produce many offspring. Because all of the ingredients come from sources that are closely monitored by the humans, the chances of extinction in not likely.

DIRECTIONSSmash crackers. Chop onion. Mix all ingredients together with your hands (my great-grandmother said this was the only way to get the ingredients thoroughly mixed). Brush additional ketchup on top of meatloaf and place 2-3 slices of bacon on top of ketchup before putting into oven to bake. Bake for 1 hour at 350 degrees F, uncovered, in a 13x9 inch pan. (Drain Grease off the meatloaf after it has cooked for 30 minutes) Enjoy!


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