Nonfiction Research Project (School Integration)

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Nonfiction Research Project (School Integration)

School Integration

It started in September 1957, in the past.

It happened in Central Highschool in Arkansas.

Little Rock Nine were 9 african americans that went to an all white highschool for the first time.

They were transferred because it was part of a city plan to comlpy with a 1955 supreme court ruling that school boards desgregate quickly as possible.

They were Little Rock 9 and they were african americans. There was President Eisenhower and Govener Faubus.

A mob of racist people threatened Little Rock 9 as they were going to school.

What ?

How ?

Where ?

Who ?

IMPORTANCE The importance is racially, culturally and economically various cultures and backgrounds combined into one school is better and stronger because it can benefit off and as you grow up you'll be around different people.

Why ?

Main Idea Statement :School integration is very crutial to understand about because this helps us communicate and connect with different people in this world.

History Timeline

Topic connection to book :This topic, school integration relates with the literature circle book by it was a big issue in the book. It was the main conflict idea because the racist people were threatening the Little Rock 9. And the supreme court wanted to respect a 1955 supreme court ruling and so the school board wanted to desegregate as soon as possible. And that is why it connects to the literature circle book.


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