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Nonfiction in Focus

by: Minerva De La Garza

Enumerative-introduces general informationSequential- presents information in step-by-step orderChronological-explores information over time of occurrenceCompare-Contrast- compares and contrast information, characteristics, or qualities of topicCause-Effect- explores casual relationship between problem and solutionQuestion-Answer- organizes information by presenting a question and then answering it.

Scaffolding is adjusting instruction and expectations to the student's abilities so that all the students can learn successfully. Scaffolding has different levels in which you can help the student in. Examples: High-instructional read aloud and modeled writing Moderate- Guided reading and guided writing Low- readers' and writers' workshops


Nonfiction in Focus ... Janice V. Kristo & Rosemary A. Bamford

Organizational Structures

Concept BooksPhotographic EssaysIdentification/HandbooksLife Cycle BooksBiographyEperiment/Activity/How-to BooksSurvey Books Document/Journal/DiarySpecialized BooksReference BooksInformational Picture Storybooks

Types of Nonfiction Books

Benefits: Students will be able to identify nonfiction books.Students will be able to demonstrate what they know in a safe environment.Students confidence will grow because the teacher will help build the student up.

"Guided instruction is a great way for me to see what my students know as they are actually in the process of reading or writing. I'm an eyewitness to their learning as it's happening. It's really exciting because it helps me see what I've done well in my teaching and where I need to go next." -Tim (Nonfiction in Focus)


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