Non Renewable Resources

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Non Renewable Resources

Fossil Fuels are a combustible material created naturally beneath Earth's surface over a long period of time.

Non Renewable Resources

Coal is a brownish-black rock that is found close to Earth's surface. At the present rate, coal mining will only provide enough coal to last 235 years!

It is important to conserve our non-renewable resources because someday we might run out of them and we wouldn't have warm, showers, and any gas.

Natural gas is a major energy source for the U.S. and has been used to meet energy needs for nearly 200 years.

Uranium looks like a silvery-white metal and is found in rock.This resource is used as a fuel for nuclear energy.

Oil is the second oldest fossil fuel, also known as petroleum or crude oil.

It is used to take warm showers, operate electronics and heat homes.

Fossil Fuels

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