Non-Renewable Energy: Fossil Fuel

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Non-Renewable Energy: Fossil Fuel

Non-Renewable Energy: Fossil Fuel

Fossil Fuel is a natural fuel such as coal or gas, formed in the past from the remains of living organisms.

An advantage to fossil fuel is that it provides large amounts of energy. But there are more disadvantages including that it releases large amounts of polluntants and gas, carbon dixoide. It is highly expensive and is non-renewable.

Effects on EnvironmentFossil Fuel is the largest greenhouse gas emmiters in the world. The carbon dioxide, produced from fossil fuels traps heat in the atmosphere, leading to global warming. This has brought great environmental harm, polluting many of our water sources,

Advantages and Disadvantages

Imact on Society Fossil Fuel powers things such as our, cars, power stations, aircafts and is used to make certain things such as plastic bags and rubber tires. Since it is a non-renewable energy source it is possible that at the rate it is used, the supply of some of the fuels could be exhausted. Therefore we would have to find other renewbale energy sources to replace the exhausted ones.



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