non importation act

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by MaddyPerez
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Social Studies


  • CarolDeleconio 10 years ago

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    This is very nice and you can tell that you spent a lot of time on it. Also I think it shows from your info that this was a true revolution.

  • AlexKyriakis 10 years ago

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    I now realize that the Beatles really were a huge part in motivating the colonists in making a revolution... Also that revolution are started on the need for revenge, in this case agianst the British "neutrality" in the seas.

  • AnthonyDelMonaco 10 years ago

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    Your glog looks a little croweded with all of the pictures and text boxes all over the place. Although your info is very educational and makes the non importation acts make a lot more sense to me

  • MarthaCaissy 10 years ago

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    this is really good! it makes the nonimportaion acts a lot clearer than it is described in the textbook. it definitely goes to ward the side that the American revolution was a true revolution.

  • doritosandip 10 years ago

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    You can see that you have put a lot of effort into this piece, yet i feel that as a whole it is entirally one-sided and singularly argued. Perhaps showing the other side of the argument may increase the effectivness.