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SummaryThis book opens with a well-researched preface that offers background information on the ancient Greek culture, setting the time and place and distinguishing between real locations and mythological story. In addition, each of the nine tales includes an introduction. Houle presents creation tales; several well-known stories about important mythological figures (Pandora and Prometheus); and a few lesser-known tales, such as the story of Helius and Phaethon. Simply written, this collection is a good resource for reports or classroom use. Each story is followed by questions and answers and a page or two of "expert commentary" that extend the lesson through quotations from academic sources. The illustrations and genealogical chart are merely decorative and suggest a younger audience. Still, this is a useful addition for libraries that need more on the topic, especially those serving reluctant readers. ""

If I were to change this summary, I'd change it in 2 ways.1. I would go into futher detail with ONE story. I'd take off the ideas in the first three sentences.2. Another reason wouldn't go into detail everyone just one story and stop at the suspenseful part

The king of the gods and lord of the sky, Zeus.

The lord of the underworld, Hades with his dog Cerberus.

1. Uranus and Gaia marry and have kids which are the titans.2. Uranus pushes them back in his mothers womb.3. Cronus cuts his father into 1000 pieces and throws him into Tartarus, but Uranus curses Cronus that his kids will do the same.4. Cronus marries Rhea and has children.5. Fearing the curse he eats his kids.6. Rhea disguises a rock as Zeus and gives it to Cronus.

7. Zeus grows up and makes his father throw up his kids.8. Zeus cuts his father up into 1000 pieces and casts them into Tartarus.9. Zeus and his siblings fight alongside the also swallowed cyclopses and hundred handed ones with the furious titans.10. The gods win and call themselves Olympians, with their thrown on MountOlympus.


The lord of the sea, Poseidon with his trident.

The cyclops Polyphemus.

In this book, is Hades an evil charactor, or do the gods just make him look bad? Why did you choose your answer?

Question 2.What are word we could decscribe these "gods" as? Explain.

The author's purpose of this book is to entertain. This book tells about the greek gods which I find very entertaining. For me it would have to be to entertain. If the author's purpose was changed to persuade, the book wouldn't tell about the bad things the twelve gods did, but skip that and only tell about the good things.


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