Non-fiction Project: Battle of Iwo Jima

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World War II

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Non-fiction Project: Battle of Iwo Jima

Battle of Iwo Jima (Non-fiction Project)

From a 16-hour trip, the U.S. made it to Iwo Jima where they fought for victory. Then troops were deployed and the Japanese launched explosions everywhere on that island. Mortars, machine guns, rocket launchers, and especially B-29 bomber aircrafts were used. While soldiers on the Japanese side went and hid in underground installations for advantage.

The strongpoints (camps and weapon area) were discovered by the U.S., later all of those strongpoints were destroyed to weaken the Japanese army.

The U.S. passive-agressive stratedy led the Americans to victory of this battle. Soon, the men placed down the American flag on top of Iwo. (Famous pose in WWII history)

Epilogue: After when the U.S. won the battle, they killed or captured up to 21,000 Japanese. When the U.S. army dropped their atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the Japanese finally surrendered on August 1945.

Chronological order

Summary of the Battle

During World War II, after when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor the Americans took revenge, big time. The U.S. brought over thousands of troops on marine ships, planes (B-29), and heavy artillery to defeat the Japanese. The Japanese prepared temporary camps and machine guns on certain strongpoints to play defensive as possible. And the Japanese took advantage of using underground installations.

Game-plan on each sides

Over view of the battle

When the United States entered World War II, they fought bloodiest battles between the Japanese over tiny islands, like the Iwo Jima and Okinawa. The war resulted in many deaths and sacrifises. Having specific strategies and keys to achieve victory.

The U.S. played passive-agressive for this battle. However, the U.S. is VERY far away from the Japanese Islands, so they needed an advanced plan to defeat the Japanese. On February 19, 1945 the Americans invaded bringing more than hundreds of heavy artillery like machine guns, rocket launchers, and mortars. Bringing thousands of troops, B-29 bombers, and military ships to battle. Meanwhile, the Japanese played defensive, bringing workers to build tunnels, dugouts, and underground installations inside of themountain of Suribachi. The Japanese built certain strong points where they have camps and heavy weapons.

The things that happened on Iwo Jima and how it effected the timeline during World War II relates to my literature circle book. Because it talks about the perspectives that the U.S. mostly had like John "Doc" Bradley point of view. World War II relates to Iwo Jima because the battle happened between the U.S. and the Japanese during World War II.

Literature circle book connections


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