Non Conventional Energy

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Non Conventional Energy

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Vignesh, Rishal, Allen, Karthik R, Adnan9-T

Non Conventional Energy Resources

What are they? Examples and much more, all in one poster.

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What are these resources? ♠Those energy sources that are renewable and ecologically safe♠More over they do not require heavy expenditure.

Bio Gas

Biogas means a gas produced by the anaerobic digestion of organic matter​ and contains mainly methane.​The organic matter can be manure, sewage sludge etc.Biogas can be used as a vehicle fuel or for generating electricity. It can also be burned directly for cooking, heating, lighting,etc. Biogas is extensively used in India.

♠ Obtainment: These are produced in landfills where bio waste is put in rural areas. The waste decomposes anaerobically. Methane is produced due to this giving rise to higher thermal efficiency.♠ Uses: Biogas can be used for heating, generating power, as vehicle fuel. In India, Gobar gas plants produce biogas using cattle dung. ♠Regions used: India, North America, Sweden, UK

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Solar Energy

Solar power is energy from the sun that is converted into thermal or electrical energy. Solar energy is the cleanest and most abundant renewable energy source available.The U.S. has some of the richest solar resources in the world. Modern technology can harness this energy for a variety of uses, including generating electricity

♣Obtainment: Solar-powered photovoltaic (PV) panels convert the sun's rays into electricity by exciting electrons in silicon cells using the photons of light from the sun. ♣Uses: Solar energy is used to produce electricity and heat in solar cells and heat engines. It is used in solar cookers,heaters etc. Solar power can be used to power buildings, houses etc. ♣Regions used: Germany, Italy and China.

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Wind energy is electrical energy obtained from harnessing the wind with windmills or wind turbines. Wind mills have been in use since 2000 B.C. Wind power is currently the fastest-growing source of electricity production in the world. A single wind turbine can power 500 homes.

Wind Energy

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Obtainment: Wind turbines can convert the energy in the wind into mechanical power that can be used for a variety of activities like pumping water. Wind turbines can also use generators to convert wind energy into electricity.Uses: Electricity can be generated in wind turbines using Wind Energy. There are wind powered vehicles, cargo ships, water pumps etc. Regions used: India, France and Denmark

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Waves are created by wind blowing over the surface of the sea. As the wind blows over the sea, friction is created, producing a swell in the water.These waves turn turbines under water producing tidal energy.Tidal energy is a form of hydropower that converts the energy of the tides into electricity or other useful forms of power.

Tidal Energy

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Obtainment: Floodgate dams are built across of inlets. During high tide, water flows and gets trapped into inlet when the gate is closed.-The water retained flows back into the sea via a pipe that carries it through a power generating turbine.Uses: The waves make turbines move which creates electricity. The moving turbines are also used to crush grains.Regions Used: Canada, Australia and Chile

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Geothermal energy (from the Greek roots geo, meaning earth, and thermos, meaning heat) is energy made by heat inside the Earth's crust. It's clean and sustainable.All over the world, geothermal energy has been used to make about 10 gigawatts of electricity in 2007, and give 0.3% of the electricity needed around the world.

Geothermal Energy

Obtainment: In order to obtain enough energy to generate electricity, geothermal power plants rely on heat that exists a few kilometers below the surface of the Earth. In some areas, the heat can naturally exist underground as pockets steam or hot water. Uses: Geothermal energy is used to produce electricity and also to heat or cool houses. Regions Used: Iceland, Kenya & Japan


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