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Nolen Leiva

Important EventIn 2006 my whole family went to the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, and we saw the rocket launch.My sister, Noel Grace Leiva was born on December 20, 2008.2013, 2014 and 2015 I have been to the John Deer Classic which is a huge golf event in Silvis, Illinois that attracts people from all around the world.

Nolen Leiva(Autobiography)

Biography Hi my name is Nolen Leiva and I was born in 2002, in the city of Carbondale, IL. When I was one and a half, we moved to Pekin, IL. I attended Faith Baptist Christian School, preschool through fourth grade. During the year 2008, we moved to Royal Colony, which is a subdivision near Tremont. In fifth grade, I started attending Tremont Middle School. Three of my favorite sports are cross country, golf and track. My favorite subject is math. During my free time, I like to golf, run, or go to friends house. My favorite website is maker shed.

InterestingsFacts I am going to El salvador next summer to see familyI do cross country, track, basketball and golfThe heritage on my father's side is El Salvadorian, and the heratige on my mother's side is Czechoslovokian, German, and ItalianI was born on labor day

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In Chicago

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My favorite song is Hall of Fame by The Script

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