Noelle sound energy

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Noelle sound energy

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Musical sounds are organized into patterns that have pitch and rhythm.Noise is just random disorganized sounds.A musical tone is a musical sound and is produced by air vibrating a certain number of times per second.These vibrations called waves must be contained in a way so that the performer is able to control the loudness and quality of tone. Lots of instruments have a device that creates sound waves when moved.

When an object vibrates it causes movement in the air particles and keeps going until they run out of energy.If your ear is in range of the vibrations, you hear the sound. If the vibrations are fast, you hear a high note.

The rings of the waves expand to indentify irregular repeating .Sound waves create noise and regular repeats make low notes. For humans sound frequents between 20 hz and 20000hz.

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The future of sound energy is bright and I think in the future they will find a way to use sound energy rather than touching phones,tvs,and appliances to be controlled by voice.I think sound energy will bring a lot of help to disabled and normal people in the future. I know it has a bright future.That is what I think sound energy will do in the future.


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