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Atomic Number: 102Atomic symbol: NoAtomic mass: 259

By: Abby T P.6

Family name: ActinideClassification: Metal

State at room temp: SolidMelting point: 827°CBoiling point:Unknown

Year discovered: 1958Who dicovered it: A group of scientists at Lawrence Radiation LabLocation discovered: Berkly, CAHow it is obtained: Bombarding curium-246 with carbon-12

Scientists at the Nobel Institute of Physics declared that they had found the new element Nobelium first but it could not be replicated, so they were not awarded credit for the discovery.

Scientists Albert Ghiorso, Glenn T. Seaborg, Torbørn Sikkeland and John R. Walton were awarded with the credit for dicovering Nobelium.

Nobelium is named after the scientist Alfred Nobel

Color: UnknownUses: Basic scientific researchPhysical properties: RadioactiveChemical properties: Unknown

Person A: Do you want to hear a joke about Nobelium?Person B: No.

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