No Time To Die

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No Time To Die

In a Washington, D.C. lab, a scientist has been attacked by an unknown man named, Galileo. Galileo entered Eli's labratory and congradulated him for all his hard work that was unrecognized by his peers. Galileo then gave Eli a drug which caused him to tense up. When Eli was most vulnerable, Galileo opened up a cage that released some of the monkeys in his labratory which he was conducting experiments on. They began to eat Eli alive.


No Time To DieBy Kira Peikoff

Zoe Kincaid is a college student who is approched by two men in the book and later on kidnapped because of her rare genetic makeup that may hold the key to a powerful medical breakthrough.

Animal experimentation:Animal testing is used in research when there is a need to find out the results that will occur to our whole body when we take medication, use creams, etc. that is far more complex if experimented on humans.Human experimentation:Testing on humans still occurs today. Working closly with the FDA (food and drug administration), medical drugs must be tested on people inorder for them to be approved.

Types of experimentaion:


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