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No Talking

The main character in this book is Linsay. One of her character traits is bravery because in the very beginning of the book she was the first girl in the 5th grade to race with the boys at recess. The only reason she did that was because she was the "new girl" at this school and didn't know the rules that the kids made up. Another character trait for Linsay would be competitive because she wanted to see who could not talk for the longest amount of time. She wanted the girls to finally win something for once.

The setting of this book is in Lankton Elemantry school. The whole thing started in the middle of 4th period when all of the 5th graders also known as the unshushables were eating lunch in the school cafateria. The time is in the present.


No TalkingBy: Andrew Clements


Three catchy phrases that caught my eye in this story was: 1."Mrs.Marlow was watching for anything that might give her a clue about this unusual behavior."2. "Whatever is going on she didnt like it, it was disrupive and annoying."3."Dave looked up to see Mrs.Marlow with her hand held out wanting Dave's note."

Things I Liked

The conflict in this book is that the girls think they can be more quiet then the boys, but the boys don't think so. Same thing with the boys, they think they can be more quiet than the girls, but the girls don't think so. they are trying to see who is right.

My sources Talking (my book)

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The genre of this book is realistic fiction. I know this because everything in the book No Talking could actually happen.



The climax of this book is when either a person on the boys OR girls side talks.



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