No Stable Food Supply

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No Stable Food Supply

Clever SolutionCentral Middle School 6th graders are holding a car wash for only 10$ in their school parking lot to raise money to buy food and send it to the liberians.

Problem Even now people in Liberia, Africa are having the same problem because Ebola has caused all of the street markets to close down, they were afarid of catching it. The street markets was the main way to get food and other useful stuff.

Clever SolutionThey started planting seeds and harvesting crops also they have learned how to domesticate animals by raising and using the animals for their own purposes.

No Stable Food Supply(Ancient)

ProblemIn the ancient times there were many struggles, one of them was food shortages. Huntingwas to risky, people were dying and there was not enough plants together.

Ebola Facts1.Ebola started in 2014.2.Ebola has killed more then 8,600 people.3.Ebola contracted 21,700 people in Liberia since March

Food Shortages(Current)


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