[2015] Mart R: No ordinary day

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[2015] Mart R: No ordinary day

Author: Deborah Ellis

Valli is desperatly trying to find a way to fix her broken past and make a better life for her.Her future is on her hands when she changes town.She gets over adventures that will guide her to a better life for her, than being a homeless girl begging for money and education.

The story takes place in Jharia, India in a place where coal is all over the place. Then Valli decides to try her luck in Kolkata a town near Jharia where people where nicer to her and helped her

Valli,(9 years old girl from India) The two unknown drivers,(brothers that drive a truck every month from Jharia to Kolkata)Mrs.Murzekke, (Valli was sold to this woman)Dr. Indra (She took care of Vallis injuries in the hospital)

No ordinary Day

Problem, conflict


The central conflict of this book is. person vs self, as Valli fight for survival and how she will define her own future and get over difficult situations.The second conflict is, person vs society as Valli is begging for money in the streets of Kolkata and peolple dont even look at her.

Valli a 9 years old girl decides to go see the real world and not a world where coal is all over the place.So she changes town and escapes from Jharia to Kolkata, a place where only wealthy and talented people live. There she sleeps on the street and tryies to fix her life by "borrowing" stuff she wants. When Dr. Indra a doctor that finds Valli begging for some food, she takes her to the hospital and takes care of her injuries.Until they find out that Valli has leprosy spread from her foot all over her body. After that Valli started to treat other people with leprosy differently and she stopped calling them monsters.

I find the book really nice and exciting to read beacause it talks about a person whos life changes through out the story and learns how to handle herself in every situation.She tryies to fit in a big town like Kolkata.And I believe its very interesting to read such story because it makes you think about Valli and puts you in her position. I would recommend this book to people who prefer a book that tells you about Indian culture and how kids spend their time in poor cities like Jharia.

What you think about the Book, and recommendations

Some quotes from the story that I found important and mendatory for the future of Valli are;"Laugh with your mistakes and learn from them''.Pg.54.Also another quote is from valli that says;I hope they have a good night (for her fake family)and find a better life.Pg.38


The theme in this story is self reliance and how you deal with it.Valli deals with self reliance quite good, as she is still able to live and get help from others in Kolkata.



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