No monkey business

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No monkey business

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By: Ismaeel Mohammed

No monkey business

Animal:MonkeyNames:Mojing Gender:MaleAge:8

I work at the Zoo from 11:00 AM to 8:00 PM. my job is to take care of the gibbon monkey at this Zoo, named mojing. he is 8 an year old male. every day I have to take good care of him, like making sure he gets enough to eat ,drink and i also make sure he is very well entertained.

Mojing eats three times a day, his daly diet consists of many fruits like figs, bananas, and other fruits.i get these fruits from a near by kroger store every week, and a whole bunch of fruits to last the whole week.

The Gibbon monkey's natrual habitat are located in forests and tropical evergreen forests.Rapid loss of habitat poses the principle threat to gibbons, placing their future in great peril. With breathtaking speed the forests of Southeast Asia are being cut down due to logging and agriculture, leaving forest inhabitants an ever smaller region in which to live. The white-handed gibbon is sometimes hunted for its meat


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