[2015] Aidan McLean: No longer human

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[2015] Aidan McLean: No longer human

No Longer Human

No Longer Human is a Japanese novel written by Osamu Dazai. It is considered his masterpiece and is ranked as the second best-selling novel in Japan, ever. It was originally released in 1948, and the English translation later came out in 1958.

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Although the book was released as a work of fiction, many elements in the story mirror the authors real life. Including the recurring theme of suicide. On June 13th 1948 Osamu took his life. He was born in 1909 and was aged 38 at the time of his death.

I think this book is really well written because it continues to be interesting and easy to read despite the fact it was published and written so long ago.

There is a movie adaption of the book but I'm almost certain it was never released over here. There was also a Manga adaption which was released over here.

The manga adaption is a total of 3 volumes, and are avaliable on amazon, if you are more into graphic novels, the manga adaption is said to rival the original in how well written it is.

The youtube video on the right provides a small review (spoiler free) of the graphic novel/manga!


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