No Kings Nor Dukes - Episode 6

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No Kings Nor Dukes - Episode 6

Episode 6 Ch. 19-20)"No Kings Nor Dukes"

The Duke: A con-artist that Huck takes in on the raft, he was running away because he was selling something to take off tooth tartar, but it took off the enamel too, so everyone was after him. He claims to be the eldest son of the Duke of Bridgewater.The King: A bald-headed con artist Huck takes on the raft with the duke, they did not know each other. He was on the run for running a temperance club but being a drunk. He claims to be the son of Louie the Sixteenth and Marie Antoinette, even though he would have to be 700 years old.Both trick Huck and Jim and make them wait on them and call them majesty. The Duke and the King decide to team up and con the next town they run into for most of their money. They both make livings my lying and cheating and stealing. They end up helping Huck and Jim by making a slave reward sign they can show to anyone who questions them, so they can go down the river during the daytime.

The setting of Episode 6 is on the Mississippi River and in the city of Pokeville, Mississippi.

1) Can we trust anyone?2) What is right and wrong?

Essential Questions

New Characters

In this episode, Huck learns even more about how bad whites can be, lying and cheating to ge money. Huck also progresses in his maturity level, realizing the King and the Duke weren't who they said they were, but going with it to keep them from quarreling. Jim does not realize this and is still trying to get the Duke to speak French by the end of the episode. This shows how sheltered slaves were. Huck is clearly still confused about what is right andwrong. The King pretended to be a broke pirate with a change of heart and everyone gave him money, and the Duke made money off of some prints. Huck is perfectly fine with this. Overall, huck changes to a more mature but still slightly confused with what to do next, boy.

Huck's Evolution


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