No Cyberbullying!

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No Cyberbullying!


Don't be acyberbully!

Effects of Cyberbullying

Kids that are cyberbullied might expess anxiety and depression. There could be health problems or complaints from cyberbullying. Students who are cyberbullied tend to make worse grades than non-bullied students. Effects of cyberbullying can be devistating.

What is Cyberbulling

Prevent Cyberbullying

Preventing cyberbullying is a very good thing. There are three different thing parents should do. Be aware of what kids are doing online. Parents should know the sites and social media that their kids regulary visit. Parents should also ask for paswords in case of emergency and ask if they can friend or follow. Parenst need to also understand school policies or rules. Parents need to establish rules. They need to explain what sites their kids can or can not use. Parents need to show them how to be safe when online.

Cyberbullying is a type of bullying. It takes place using electronic devices such as cell phones, computers, tablets and other devices. This bullying focuses on social media, texting and other communication applications. Mean text messages and emails are examples of cyberbullying. More examples include rumors sent through e-mail, inaproprate or embarising photos, videos, or fake profiles.

Stop all Cyberbullying

Think twice before you type.

For more cyberbullying information click here.

By: Charley K. and Beren H.



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