No Child Left Behind Act

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No Child Left Behind Act

All Studetns the grade K-8 needed to be proficent in math, reading and science. Annual testing for children grades 3-8 is required, and gradeds 10-12 were required to be tested at least once.Schools were required to show their results of stadnardized testing to show yearly progess.

Long Term Affects


After 2 years of being implemented, schoold needed to develope a plan for subjects that were not proficent.After 3 years, schoools would then have to offer supplimental instruction services. Such as, tutoring after school. After 4 years, if schoold were still not profiecnet schoold were suppose to take corrective meausers. For example, extending school year, replacing teachers, using outsie experts to montior progress.

Parents Choice

Parents have the ability to chose where their children go to school after seeing where their school is ranked. This federal law allows parents to choose other public schools or take advantage of free tutoring if their child attends a school that needs improvement. Also, parents can choose another public school if the school their child attends is unsafe.


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No Child Left Behind Act

PL 107-110 (NCLB)




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