No Care No Cure

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No Care No Cure

'No Care 'No Cure

Essence of Caring

BiographyMadeleine Leininger, nursing theorist, born in Sutton, Nebraska obtained a Ph.D in social and cultural anthropology is the founder of Nursing Transcultural theory. She expresses the importance and value of applying culture competent care to our patients as the most fundamental aspect of caring. She emphasizes that growth, development, and healing are obtained through the touch of caring and that caring in itself consists of understanding and applying culture as part of the patient's plan of care.

Effective ApplicationThe key to administer competent culture care is Self-awarenessAsk for ClarificationIncorporate education program within the system.

BarriersKnowlege DeficitEtnocentrismPrejudiceStereotypingDiscriminationRacismOrganization CultureBigotryHatred

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Incorporating of Madeleine Leininger theory into our practice as nurses allows us to deliver a care that is efficient, effective, and adaptable for our clients. It is merely impractical to provide care that is caring without taking into consideration our clients culture. Exempting our client culture from their care strips them of their individuality.

" Providing culturally congruent nursing care offers care client has confidence in."

The basis of our profession is to provide care that is compassionate and effectively the start of this goal involves incorporating our patient's culture into their care. This is not an individual goal but a universal goal for all nurses to achieve competent cultural care. By achieving this goal it benefits the family, the community, and most importantly the patients. Establishing competent cultural care gains the patients and family trust. The goal of this is not to become part of them but to understand the means in which they operate in society.

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