NM Quiz 1 Review

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NM Quiz 1 Review

Quiz 1 Review

1. Membership in AOII is a lifetime commitment.2. At formal Rituals white (color) dresses or skirts and blouses are worn to represent simplicity.3. The new member pin is a sheaf of wheat. It represents many individuals uniting in a common bond of sisterhood.4. The Fraternity color is cardinal.5. The Fraternity flower is jacqueminot rose.6. The Fraternity jewel is ruby. 7. The Fraternity magazine is To Dragma. Translated that means "the sheaf".8. Members of AOII have a financial responsibility to the Fraternity and must pay all of their local and International dues.9. Describe the Fraternity badge.The letters A, O, and II superimposed with a ruby in the apex of the A.10. AOII does not have a crest because AOII is founded on Greek, rather than medieval, ideals.11. The AOII "shop" that produces all things AOII is Emporium.



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