NJ State Symbols Sample

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NJ State Symbols Sample

The state ANIMAL of New Jersey is the horse. The state animal of New Jersey is the horse. It was officially adopted in 1977. The horse was chosen because it represents strength and speed. Horses come in many sizes and colors. Most are brown, white, black, or gray. (Click here to see a video of horses.)

The state BIRD of New Jersey is the Eastern Goldfinch. It is also called the American Goldfinch. Click to hear the song of the Eastern Goldfinch.

New Jersey State Symbols

The knobbed whelk is New Jersey's state SHELL.

If you like to have fun, try New Jersey's state DANCE-- the Square dance! Click here, and view some basic or advanced dance formations.

Do you enjoy fishing? Then you know that the Brook Trout is New Jersey's state FISH. Click to learn more about the Brook Trout.


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