N.J. State Seal

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N.J. State Seal

Battle of PrincetonThe British had sent General Charles Corn Wallis into New Jersey with 8,000 troops to stop Washingtons Army. Washington thought of a clever plan. On January 2, 1777, he ordered 400 of his troops to remain in trenton.

Newark Newark is New Jersey's biggest City. Also its the largest transportation Center. Many people go there when they need to go to a far away place. People also use the airport to go on vacation, or just places all around the world.

TelephoneThe telephone changed having to have to see that person just to talk to them. Because of this invention people use the devices to make calls each day. This made many of people's life easier.

Thomas EdisonPeople were able to work better and easier with many of Edisons inventions, like the lightbulb helped many of people's lives.

188 Cloverhill DriveFlanders, NJ 07836June 10, 2015Office of the GovenorP.O. Box 001Trenton, NJ 08625Dear Govenor Christie:My name is Isabella Duteau and I am a fourth grader at Mountain View Elementary School in Flanders, NJ. I am writing this letter because I have an idea on what a new state seal could look like. I have selected five new symbols to represent New Jersey and be put on the New Jersey State Seal. The five symbols I have selected are : Newark, Thomas Edison, Battle of Princeton, Telephone and Atlantic Coastal Plain. These five symbols highlight an important region, famous person, invention, city, industry or historical event. I have selected Newark because it represents the largest transportation center. Next, Thomas Edison represents the lightbulb, this helps everyones life. Thirdly, the Battle of Priceton stands for Washington thought of a clever plan, because of it he won back many parts of New Jersey. My fourth symbol, the telephone was invented in New Jersey, by Alexander Graham Bell. Lastly, the Atlantic Coastal Plain should be put on the seal because Millions of people visit resort places and the sandy beaches. Thank you for reading my letter and I hope you consider my new symbols for the State Seal of New Jersey.Sincerly, Isabella Duteau

My PledgeI pledge allegence to New Jersey the best state in America. Then theres Newark, one of the largest cities in New Jersey. Up along the shore there's the sandy beaches. Thomas Edison, the great inventor and the telephone were great things that represent life today. Now the Battle of Princeton brought freedom to all, to New Jersey and people who live there today.

Atlantic Coastal Plain Each year millions of people visit resort towns such as Atlantic City, ocean city, and Cape May. People have so much fun going to the beaches. In Cape May tons of people go there for vacation.

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