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Chemical Elements

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History of NitrogenIn 1772, a Scottish chemist phyisican named Daniel Rutherford discovered a gas called Nitrogen. He separated Nitrogen by burining off oxygen. The name of the element comes from Latin word nitrum and a Greek word nitron. It was also called burnt or dephlogisticated air.

ELEMENT INFONITROGEN-Atomic Number: 7-AMU: 14.007-Group 15 Pincitogen-Period(Orbital, Energy level): 2-Non-Metal

This picture shows water condensing because of the temperature difference between liquid nirtogen and water molecules in the air.

Properties-Density: 1.1606 g/mL-Boiling Point: -196°-Melting Point: -210-Room Temp Phase: Gas-Colorless-Tasteless-Odorless

Uses of NitrogenAmmoniaAmmonia is probably the most known use of nitrogen. It is used for feeding plants the nitrogen they need to RefridgerantNitrogen is also used for freezing food and many other paraphernalia such as vital organs and blood.ExplosivesMany of the nitrogen compounds are used for explosives. When the chemical breaks up it releases a big energy, which is also known as an explosion. Oil IndustriesOil industries often use high pressure nitrogen to pull up oil to the surface.

Nitrogen Facts1. The 78% of the atmosphere is made out of Nitrogen gas (N2)2. On the other hand, the atmosphere of Mars is only 2.6% nitrogen.3.Your body is 3% nitrogen by weight4.It is responsible for the orange-red, blue-violet, and deep violet colors of the aurora

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