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Chemical Elements

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Chemical Properties-At room temperature, nitrogen is inactive to oxygen, water, and most other elements as well-The gas will estinguish a flame-Nitrogen does not combine with oxygen, hydrogen, or most other elements; it will combine with oxygen in the presence of a spark or lightning

History of NitrogenNitrogen was discovered in 1772 by a Scottish Physician named Daniel Rutherford. In the 18th century, most people were aware that air was formed of at least two gasses; one gas could support life and was combustible, and the other wasn't. Nitrogen was later discovered as a component of air and was first named noxious air. The word Nitrogen comes from the greek words "nitron" and "genes" meaning forming.

Basic Information-Atomic Number: 7-Atomic Mass: 14.007-Group 15: Pnictogen (aka Nitrogen Family)-Period 2-Non-metal

Physical Properties-Density: 1.25046 grams (per litre)-Melting Point: -210°C-Boiling Point: -195.8°C-Gas at room temperature-Colourless-Odourless-Tasteless-When frozen, it becomes a white solid that resembles snow

Did you know...- Nitrogen makes up 78% of the earth's atmosphere-It is the fifth most abundant element in the entire universe-Nitrogen is an essential element of life; it is part of DNA as well as the genetic code

How cold is nitrogen?

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Uses for Nitrogen Ammonia (NH3):This is the most common use for nitrogen. It is used to make fertillizer, explosives and nitric acid.Electronics Industry:Nitrogen is used as a gas "blanket" when making things such as transistors and diodes.Oil Industry:Oil companies occasionally use high pressure nitrogen to force crude oil to the surface.Refridgerant:This gas is used for freezing and transporting many foods. Also, liquid nitrogen is an inexpensive, cryogenic substance that can be used to preserve lab samples and experiments.Annealing:Nitrogen is also used as a protective barrier when heating certain metals. It is often used during welding and soldering.

What happens when liquid nitrogen is poured on the floor?

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